About us

Loopy Lally is a home accessories lifestyle brand that believes in “Brightening up everyday life through colour”

Loopy Lally was founded by printed textile designer Chloe Wright.

Chloe always knew she wanted to run her own business but was never quite sure what her business would be and after studying within the creative arts for 7 years she finally had her light bulb moment and decided to launch Loopy Lally.

The name Loopy Lally came from having an aunty Lally who was quite “loopy” so Loopy Lally was born.

Chloe wanted a name that reflected her style of designing which in its self  is quite loopy. Chloe takes inspiration from landmarks, architecture and cityscapes that we see in everyday life but may not appreciate or notice them and she turns them on their head injecting colour everywhere in an energetic abstract way. Everything is designed from her studio in Paisley just outside Glasgow, Scotland and manufactured in the UK.

It is Loopy Lally’s unique energetic, painterly style that makes the brand stand out from the crowd.